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Internet studio of professional photo processing
How You found our website?

     1.  In Studio s01.su Your photos will be edited by our masters online, so You don't have to run around town looking to for someone to do it! All You need is to just send us Your photos uploading them into Galleries section on our website or contacting our masters. We always do our best to provide the highest quality of work, so as if Your photo was a magazine cover. We will make Your dreams come true!!!


     2.  Any additional modifications will be performed free of charge.


  Before checking price list for certain processing options, please take a look at our special offers for complex processing. They will cost You less than ordering certain options individually. You may ask, What is the point of complex processing? Quite often some editing features should be combined in order to process a photo properly. It is recommended to perform full processing to get the ideal photo. That is why we have created these special offers for You. Besides the low cost, after complex processing, we will provide You several variants of resulted photo!



  If You don’t have time or don’t wish to choose a certain master to process Your photos. If You don’t know what kind of processing should be performed or don't want to dig into price lists and calculate costs. If it’s easier for You just send us Your photos and ask our masters make them beautiful, original, amazing… fulfilling Your wishes… or without them.

  No problems! In this case, You can order photo processing using "Simple Order" option.

  This kind of order allows You to quickly get desired result without losing time and money. Just send us Your photo(s) be e-mail and write "Simple Order" in subject line. You may also let us know how much You can pay and describe what result You wish to receive.


     5.  Please note that we can refuse to take Your order (before it has been paid for) without explaining the reasons.



  Professional photo retouching is a creative process that requires an individual approach, so deadlines range from several minutes to several days. The cost of work can also differ depending on complexity and size of an order. Every order is discussed and agreed with client. Please contact us by e-mail info@s01.su, we will be glad to answer all Your questions.


     7.  URGENT ORDER:

  If You need to process a photo urgently, send it to us by e-mail info@s01.su writing «urgent order» in subject line. We will start working on Your order immediately and finish in shortest time, even if we have a great workload. But in this case, You will have to pay for Your order extra 50% from its price. All additional modifications will be performed free of charge. 


     8.  DISCOUNTS:

We offer general discounts for customers who order processing of large number of photos (more than 15). Discount rate depends on complexity and volume of work. If You bring Your friends, we will give You additional 3% discount from every single processed photo. For example, if Your friends order processing of 5 photos, Your total discount will be 15%!

  • more than 15 photos - 5%
  • more than 30 photos - 10%
  • more than 45 photos - 15%, etc.

We will be glad to see You on our website again and again!

Your sincerely, Administration of Studio s01.su