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Object retouching

  If You have photos of objects, goods, products, but they look terrible, You can enhance them by means of object retouching. Masters of studio s01.su will help to make them representative and attractive, so that You could publish them in Your catalog or website. Object retouching will allow You to show customers the most favorable image of goods and stay competitive on the market.

  Object retouching is recommended for streaming and printed catalogs, posters, brochures, magazine look-books, fashion promos, various online stores, catalogs, corporate websites, instructions, manuals, etc. 

  Object retouching, industrial retouching, retouching for catalogs

include the following options:

-basic retouching,

-color balance adjustment, exposure compensation,

-tone compensation,

-color rendering adjustment

-partial delineation,

-removal of small scratches, glare, reflections, shadows, dust, fingerprints and other defects

-noise reduction

-clipping (background removal or making it white keeping shadows),

-geometry correction and perspective adjustment,

-adding expressiveness,

-highlighting certain details, etc.

  Object retouching allows to enhance appearance, highlight consumer properties of goods and products!