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Internet studio of professional photo processing
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is mainly used to enhance photos of products for online store catalogs, as well as for print, advertising, publishing in the Internet and so on. For example, it may be photos of jewelry, clothing, accessories, gifts, cosmetics, electronics, real estate, cars, etc.

   Images clipping

may include:

  • removal of unwanted objects, people, background (or changing to white keeping shadows),
  • inserting objects, people,
  • color correction,
  • correction of too dark or bright and not contrast photos,
  • color changing to get maximum naturalness,
  • adding significance,
  • correction of perspective distortion, cluttered horizon,
  • removal of glare, dust, scratches,
  • shadow delineation for easier perception,
  • details highlighting,
  • applying special effects,
  • copyright marking,
  • pre-print processing, etc.

  For more details please contact the administration of studio s01.su