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Photo for CV, documents, business portrait

  What are the requirements for CV photo?

  Many people are not satisfied with current job for some reasons: low salary, high workload, poor qualification, etc.

  Nowadays, with huge competition on labor market, good photo for CV is very important. It allows to make right impression on employer, which will select You from hundred of candidates for the job interview, and maybe get a job as a result

  To get a proper job You should create good CV and attach Your photo. You should look on the photo in the same style as supposed job. 

  Masters of studio s01.su know how to create right photo for CV. We will correct all photographer’s mistakes, make skin retouching, add expressiveness to eyes, adjust color, correct hair-cut, change clothes and remove any defects if necessary. We will make a photo exactly as required, so that You could get desired job!

  How to get a good photo for documents?

  Each of us had to make photo for passport, driving license, various certificates, visas and other documents. And almost always we are looking bad on them. Our experts are ready to help You and make You looking beautiful on such photos. You won’t have to hide Your documents from others, You will be proud of them!

  What is a business portrait?

  Business portrait is a photo that reveals Your business image. And we know how to create individual image tailored to achieve specific goals!