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Retouching of older people portraits

  Over the years, everyone is becoming older and gets on skin inevitable wrinkles, pores, pigmentation, vascular mesh, warts, etc.

   Retouching of older people portraits

is not a simple task. Master should get rid of deep wrinkles and other defects of aged skin, not use too much retouching and effects, which are common for processing photos of Young people

  In this case, we carry out any wishes of our clients, because someone is proud of wrinkles, which make the face looking wisdom, and someone wants to get rid of them in any possible way and look Younger, fresher. We usually try to show the depth of character and through the eyes convey passed way of life, all the joys and sorrows, wisdom and love!

  Masters of studio s01.su are ready to make Your photo perfect, so that You could place it on honor roll at home or somewhere else and proudly show it to Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren!