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Portrait retouching

  Portrait retouching

is one of the most popular types of professional photo processing. After retouching anyone will look perfectly, as it allows to correct photographer’s mistakes and emphasize the beauty. Processing includes the following options:

  • removal of acne, moles, wrinkles, red eyes, sores, redness, blue eyes and other defects,
  • skin smoothing, color adjustment,
  • making eyes, eyebrows, lips more expressive,
  • correcting form of nose, eyes, lips, face,
  • make-up correction or imposition,
  • teeth whitening,
  • adjustment of sharpness, contrast, brightness,
  • color correction,
  • removal of small defects in appearance,
  • age hiding,
  • beauty emphasizing,
  • making male and female portrait more attractive,
  • eye color changing and so on.

  Portrait processing

allows to make from Your photo portrait of a dream. You will be the most beautiful, tender and charming person.

  Portrait retouching using photoshop

is available only on s01.su website.