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   Photo restoration

supposes restoration of old, torn, creased, damaged photos, allows to save family photos for future generations and prevent them from deterioration, fading.

   Helps to restore a photo to good condition, get rid of defects, remove the traces of age without killing the feel of those times, give new life to old family albums even after extreme damage. It can be done by restoring every pixel of a photo in several steps. During restoration we can also remove wrinkles, blemishes, adjust contrast, colors, make drawing of the lost parts. The price of restoration is minimal for such complex work.


can be done for color and b/w photo. As a result You get clean, clear, sharp image without defects.

   To restore an old photo You should scan it (resolution 300 dpi will be enough) in jpeg or tiff format and send it to our masters s01.su.

   On the contrary, it is possible make artificial old photo applying special effect.