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Glamour processing

   Glamour processing 

this is professional photo retouching at highest quality standards which allows to format images for magazines, studios, advertising, etc. Exactly by means of this kind of retouching ordinary girls are turned into models from magazine covers.

  Glamour retouching includes appearance correction, professional skin retouching, prepress preparation, adding shine, volume, natural beauty without flaws.

  Any professional photo requires glamour retouching for printing and publishing. And not every master can make this retouching correctly without the effect of plastic, porcelain skin, so that no one would notice Photoshop editing. 

   Glamour retouching 

always makes Your skin perfectly smooth, but retaining the texture, not "blurry", radiant, with beautiful tone, expressive eyes, glossy lips - in a word - the supermodel image. With glamour retouching Your image will get the style of "glossy magazine".