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    Gothic style photo in the Gothic style, to make a picture in the Gothic style, the sad situation in the photo, heavy, Gothic, hard rock, dark attributes for the photo, dark romantic atmosphere, the effect of antiquity, the dark background of a medieval castle, vamp style, mystical elements, symbols of the underworld, Halloween style photo for HalloweenGothic photo retouching

  Photo processing in gothic style is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Modern gothic style - is a common gloomy underground style, which includes many substyles: gothic style itself may range from beauty with light effect of calm, sad and slightly melancholic atmosphere to fairly intense heavy gothic style.

    How to distinguish Gothic style from other styles? Why is it so unique?

    Actually, it's easy to see the difference.  Gothic style is associated with all the attributes that considered to be dark. Here are the signs of gothic style: dark romantic atmosphere, individuality and uniqueness, antiquity effect (for example, photo with a gloomy medieval castle on background), refinement, chilled colors, vamp style, mystical elements, symbols of the underworld, hard rock style elements, halloween attributes, in a word - any photo with these signs can be considered as gothic style (actually, gothic is easy to be identified just by intuition). 

    photo on the background of clouds, a strong impression from the photo, to create a strong impression from the pictures, ghostly female figure in a long white dress photo in the hall of the old castle, Gothic photos, Gothic photography, photo on the background of black curtains, photo, surrounded by candles, photo surrounded by skulls, photography with a crystal ball, photo, crystal balls, magic aesthetics, pictures magical aesthetics, photo magic, underworld, afterlife photo, background replacement, collage, 3D modeling, photo, book photo picture, Gothic art, Gothic photos, Gothic photography, become a vampire, become a witch, become a Gothic PrincessGothic photos are prefered by goths themselves (fans of dark aesthetics). But the style is so fascinating and eccentric, so that those, who don't like black tones in life, also do not mind to experiment with it. Gothic photo is like captured in a single frame episode from a mystical thriller. When it comes to processing photos in the gothic style, here we mean, first of all, the atmosphere – background of a photo. What colors are used in the process of creating and processing gothic pictures? The main color in gothic photos is usually black. The additional colors are mostly purple, red, gray, white, blue. Bright warm colors, such as orange, pink, yellow, gold, etc., are used rarely (but sometimes there may be exceptions).  
    As for the background space, photos can be taken indoors and outside. In fact, gothic pictures are so specific, that it is much easier to order photo processing on special website, than try to make necessary photo directly in the spine-tingling environment. You can order gothic style processing on our website s01.su.

    When processing photos in gothic style, designers usually create background of dark mysterious forest, unusual nature (often in cloudy weather), ruined old buildings (not necessarily of the past centuries). Sometimes they may put You into the background of the tombs, chapels, crypts, and other mystical places. The background of the heavy storm clouds, photo in windy weather, will look stylish as well. As for time of day, gothic photos are often made in night lighting with the large full moon. Daylight may also be used, but rarely. The face in bright sunlight will look inappropriate on gothic style poto. Besides, the effect of some theatrical productions, even a kind of pomposity, is often used in gothic photos: such photos always make strong impression.

    photo with musical instruments, photo on the background of musical instruments, background, winter forest photo in the basement, photo among pipes, classic Gothic style, informality, photo playing guitar, metal jewelry, heavy iron chains, piercing, tunnels in my ears, charge, torn tights, heavy platform shoes, grinders, tattoo, tattoosThere also may be used some art objects, for example, slightly discern the outlines of a ghostly female figure in a long white dress, standing next to an old piano in an empty high hall of an ancient castle. Gothic pictures are usually made on a background of black blinds/curtains, surrounded by candles, skulls, crystal balls and other near-magic items. Candles are usually black or red. Such magical aesthetics especially prefered by girls. In gothic style people usually like aesthetics of afterlife and the underworld. You feel trapped in a fairy tale when looking at such photos.  Sometimes photos include such elements as small coffins, portrait of a person on the monument, which can be added using photomontage. Such creative effects can be applied to usual photo with ordinary background by means of photo processing.  These may be: background replacement, photo collage, 3D modeling, creation of photo-picture. As a result of such processing (one of the best sites of its kind is the site s01.su) real masterpieces of gothic art can be created that will amaze You and the people around with its uniqueness. 
    On gothic style photos people are usually shown as vampires, witches, elves, and other mysterious characters.  Girls like the image of a witch and men look like "devils". If You do not have suitable clothing, then again, no problem - modern computer technologies work wonders! For example, with professional photo processing pretty blonde in classical dress can be easily turned into gothic princess.

    How to change clothes on a photo? For it You should know what are gothic style clothes. These are beautiful black dresses, skirts decorated with antique and most of all - long skirts decorated with bows and frilled, although some goths like shorter clothes. There also may be corsets, plenty of silver jewelry for men and women. As jewelry there may be used crosses and various magical symbols, pendants, rings. Men like to appear in the following image: classic clothes (often from past ages) in pure black color, pale face (goths never use blush) and rings with skulls. Interesting for men will be to make the photo with the old cane. Typical for the gothic style is makeup on face. For men - minimum of makeup, just to make a face look pale, for girls - black and red makeup. Actually, gothic makeup is heavy enough and multilayered. You can meet burgundy, purple, blue and lilac tones. Small accessories are also common for gothic style: red and black roses, mirrors, black ribbon, candles and skulls in their hands - all this is widely used in photos.  

    Besides romantic gothic style, described above, rock gothic style is also very popular as goths likes hard rock music. Such photos usually suppose guitars and other music instruments.  For example, a girl with violin or cello on the backround of ancient pine trees forest. It looks very beautiful and majestic. Rock bands usually order photos in gothic style  for album covers, where they are on a photo with music instruments - drums, quitars, keyboards, etc. Using simple photomontage, we can add background of winter forest or anything else and create beautiful album cover or poster (one rock band has made a photo session in basement with the background of pipes - just a little photo processing, and they got amazing result). That's interesting idea to combine classic gothic style and rock gothic style, which is also very popular.  For example, a man in an old black frock coat, captured in the process of playing the guitar.  

    Gothic style, Gothic photos, Gothic images, photo processing in the Gothic styleAs for changes in appearance, if a photo emphasizes musical direction, metal ornaments may be added. Pants and skirts may be decorated with metal chains, people may get piercing, tunnels in my ears, different earrings. Girl’s skirts may be shortened, often You can see torn tights, heavy platform boots, grinders. People bodies may be adorned with tattoos.  

    Sometimes background with special decorations is not used in gothic photos, instead just some particular background like, for example, spider's web (black with silver color near the edges, which looks like a hole with a person downed in it). One of the most used gothic style backgrounds in photos is a cemetery (blurred background of ancient graves, often just made in photoshop).  
    Another popular kind of photos in gothic style is a photo with background of ruins, ruined buildings – from unfinished modern factories to deserted old buildings, churches, etc. This substyle is called stalker - gothic, which combines gothic and military styles (camouflage, military colors in clothing and related attributes). The example of a photo in stalker gothic style is the photo of a person in long black raincoat in combat boots on the background with ruined hostpital. There are many pictures of such ruined buildings, so You don't have to go to ruined places – on s01.su website we will create such background with no problem! The most interesting stalker gothic photos are photos with extreme elements, for example, a person on the roof of ruined skyscraper or tower. 
    Or the background with graves, magic salon with candle lighting and black man with skull in hand (real or not?). This style is slightly weird and might seem strange, but, nevertheless, it is gaining popularity in recent years – GOTHIC.

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