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Requirements for logo design

  how to attract potential buyers, logo design, professional logo design, book design, logo, high quality logo, to make a good logo, successful selling, successful selling, a professional manufacturer logosThere are several requirements for logo design, which should be met. The perfect logo should be:

     1. Simple

Logo should have simple design, without unnecessary elements, but keeping its originality to be memorable and recognizable. It should look attractive, without extra lines, clear, understandable, encouraging required thoughts. This is one of key rules for designing logo. For example, the key element in Nike logo is simple graphical tick.

     2. Memorable

An effective logo should be memorable. This can be achieved by designing simple and appropriate logo, so that potential customers would remember Your company when they need certain product or service.  For example, Volkswagen logo has minimum colors and information with maximum style and originality. Such logo can be remembered at a glance.

That is why, when designing a logo, You should remember that Mercedes logo is not a car, the logo of avia company Virgin Atlantic is not a plane, and there is no computer on Apple logo image.

     3. Attractive

Logo should capture attention of potential customers. 2-color logo design is classical solution.

    competitive advantage competitive advantage logo, flexible logo, best logo, best logo, order the best logo 4. Professional

Logo image can make positive and negative impression about Your company, that is why it should be designed by professionals. Because favorable impression from a professional logo, which is not just a "squiggle", can be easily converted into successful deals and big sales. For example, if we think about Microsoft, we easily recall four colorful squares, which is its brandmark. Only professional designer can create logo without using templates and copying logo analogues.

     5. Unique

Logo is aimed to make You company to noticable and memorable and help to stand out from competitors, while not copying them, in other words - survive and win.

Logo design must be individual and unique. It should not copy of another logo like, for example, the image of a tooth on a dental company logo. Such similarity strong negatively influences brand identification.

     6. Focused

Logo should be appropriate for the target audience. For example, bright colors are good for kids store and severe or classical style for a law firm. Each logo, should reveal a particular goal, promote sales of certain products, advertise certain services, etc.

To create a positive image for company logo should perfectly match stylistical elements. Designers usually use unique font, colors, decorative elements when creating logo, in order to highlight the specifics of a particular company. They pay special attention to symbolism, marketing and other attributes, without losing minor details.

     logo design, competitive logo, timeless logo, an effective logo7. Significant

Logo should clearly convey all the main characteristics of a company, highlighting its competitive advantages.

     8. Adaptive

Logo will be used by different media, so it should be adaptive. It's better to create logo in vector image format to be able to change its size to meet different requirements.
Also, than more colors are used, than more logo will cost. For example, when printing for required media.

     9. Variability

Logo should look perfectly in both, color and b/w variants. It is recommended to choose the color, which would reflect Your company image and which is well-printed. For example, all the red shades are great for logo of design, electric, oil companies and television. Brown is good for building companies, real estate agencies, notary services, accounting. Blue and black colors - for tourism, media, theatre. Green - for culture, art, garden. Silver, gold, white, gray - for industrial machinery, electrical appliances and banks.

When designing logo You should select harmonical color scheme, so that it would not associated with direct competitors. Designers usually create individual font for logo.

     the actual logo, book logo, clear logo, to order the most effective logo10. Relevant to all times

Effective design should be timeless, i.e. will be actuall at present and 10, 20, 50 years later. Therefore, it's better to neglect certain fashion trends when designing logo.

All fashion trends usually lose relevance quickly.

     11.  Readable

It should be easily read on any media, to be clear, regardless of size and goal.

     12.   Scalable  

Logo should look perfect whether on usual pens or advertising billboards, i.e. fit to any size and any material. Its elements should perfectly match each other by form, color and size.

If logo fits visiting card perfectly, it will also look great on other advertising and promo materials.

To summarize, the most effective logo should be simple, original, recognizable and memorable.

It's important to rememeber that photo restoration takes much time and efforts, that is why we recommend to hire professionals for designing Your logo!

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