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  Childhood memories in colors

first tooth, first step, first fall, the appearance of a baby, parents, children's achievements, important event, capture an important event, to correct an important eventI can say with great confidence that all parents what to memorize beautiful moments of life of their child, such as first tooth cut, first step, first word… We have these feelings when great things happen in our life, for example, baby born.
  When I was younger, I did not understand my parents when they boasted of my children's achievements to friends and relatives, even of little ones. This is probably because people tend not to think about things that did not concern them, until a certain time. But if some important events happen on our life, we begin to see such things differently.
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  Watching family photo album again and again, I saw a smile of my mother, which was shining like the Sun. And I felt happier.
  With parents we often watched photos and discussed my growing. I was thrilled as it seemed like that was just yesterday.

  photo album with parents, a photo album with children, my mother's smile, to review the pictures, discuss the first abrasion on his knees, to keep the baby, childhood, toddler, childhood, baby photos, childhood memories, bright colors of childhood, joyful baby eyes, smile baby, smile baby photoToday, I'm holding my own baby in my arms, and I would really have photos of my child in bright colors! I wish with all my heart to save joyful eyes and the warmth of smile of my baby. And at least for the sake of these feelings, I should capture these moments!
  But sometimes it is hard to capture child in right state and make a photo of beautiful moment. And even if You managed to make such photo, there may be some nuances which irritate You.

  There may be unmatched background or unwanted objects and people on a photo. But I want to enjoy only the smile of my baby in family album! Or my child may smile and look perfect on a photo, but it has distortions. Also, quite often colors on a photo are not the same as we see them in reality, even with good lightning. Such photos should be adjusted to get proper view. Photo restoration allows to make a photo in natural colors using graphics processing is quite real. But it is a long and laborious work with graphic tools.

  baby photo collage, children processing, fragment, an enlarged image of a small handle, an enlarged image of the little legs, my baby, photo of my baby, processing photo my baby, retouching photo of my child, retouch photo of my child, otfotoshopili child, pleasant VospominanieSo, how to unlock the soul of such photo?
  If You have full-color photos in Your album, I would recommend You to turn it into monochrome (black - white) image, on which Your child can look in a very different manner. It is the easiest way to one of the easiest ways to get perfect photos.
  At first glance it may seem very simple. But it is not enough just to discolor the picture. Master should adjust tone and saturation, work with shadows and blinks, increase contrast and adjust sharpness for optimal lightning. Photo processing should be performed in several steps.
  live children photography, colorful children's picture, the photo has a soul, baby photo is the soul, childhood memories photos, child is happiness as a child to turn into eternityAlso, sometimes it's better to leave a part of an image. For example, the photo of small arm, leg or nose of Your child will look very fascinating. Such photo will remind You, how Your kid looked in the past. And it will also be a great memory for the kid.

  It's easy to make retouching of a photo online and get perfect pictures of Your children with help of masters of studio s01.su. They will make everything to save delightful memories of Your child in Your family photo album!

  It impossible not to like a photo when it became colorful and alive, because even a photo has a soul. It will keep You memories! Childhood is a happiness, which everybody wants to last an eternity!

With love, masters of studio s01.su


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