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 The Magic of Photoshop (part 1)

  Every girl walking past to bookstall, which sells glossy magazines, looks at models from covers, and dreams to become like them. Most of the girls read such magazines, follow their advices and even buy some advertised products. But just few of us realize or know that all the "photoshop" beauty of actresses, singers and models from glossy covers just encourages us to purchase certain products, starting from magazine itself  and ending with a pair of nice shoes, advertised on its pages, to look like these beautiful models. We are ready to prove You that absolutely every girl can get on a cover of gossy magazine, there is a very simple way to do it. Indeed, photo of any model is edited in Photoshop software by a professional master before publishing. So, if You want to make sure that You can really look like a model from magazine cover, just contact us and order glamour retouching of Your photo in our studio!

 How to be more attractive?

  The secret of ideal beauty is very, very simple – it is the magic of Photoshop and work of professional retoucher.

  The first version of well-known Photoshop software was developed twenty years ago. Using it You can easily get rid of wrinkles, pimples, become slimer, look as You have just came back after vacation on a seaside and got plenty of sleep, as well as get ideally smooth skin, add expressiveness to eyes, make Your lips bigger, lift Your bust, tweak nose and so on.

  You should just send us Your photo, and best masters of our studio s01.su will magically make it the most beautiful. In addition, only in our studio You can fix bad photos, add special effects and order some special editing to boast of a photo to Your friends. Professional photo processing will help You to fulfill Your most desired dreams!

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