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Internet studio of professional photo processing
How You found our website?

Welcome to the world of perfect photos!

  Internet photo studio S01 provides online service of photo processing by professional designers and retouchers with many years of experience. Every master in our studio has its own individual style, You can see their portfolios on our website. Masters are professionally engaged in editing and retouching photos for individuals, companies and photographers. In our studio any photo can be processed for both, men and women. We are able to satisfy absolutely any wishes!

  Our studio works carefully on every order providing an individual approach to each customer, taking into account all their wishes. We publish our works on the website only when having permission of a customer, thus Your privacy won’t be violated. 

  To order photo processing in our studio choose certain master on our website and contact us by phone, sms: +7-91-61-91-2009 or e-mail: info@s01.su  To contact the chosen master directly fill in online application form. If You are not able to calculate the cost of processing, You may just write us explaining Your wishes and attaching Your photos. We take orders 24/7. If You want to speed up our work on Your order, it will cost additional 50%.

  When Your photo is ready, we will send You sample of the result with our watermark. After paymentYou will receive full-size version of the processed photo.

  Note! Some masters work only with pre-payment. To get information about payment terms, please contact the administration of Studio S01.

  In our studio You can order any kind of photo processing of Your choice:

-art photos

-photo design

-photos for documents

-children photo processing

-photo processing for Young people

-processing with smart objects creation

-technical photo processing

-creation of corporate identity, packaging

-design of calendars, business cards, logos

-albums, greeting cards creation

-cropping of distorted images

-size increasing for poster printing without quality loss

-glamorous style processing

-natural retouching

-photo recovery

-processing applying different effects (become a vampire, elf, soap bubbles, shallow depth of field, flash, searchlight, a lamp, a flame, a spark, blur, contrast, highlights, shadows and many others)

-colored objects on black and white background

-photomontage (implantation of a person from a photo into any picture. Thus You can put Yourself in the picture with a celebrity, with the background of the Egyptian pyramids, on the moon, etc.)

-joining objects, people from different photos in one photo

-family portrait correction

-dramatic style processing

-gothic style processing

-making a positive image on a photo

-replacement of faces, hairstyles, clothes, backgrounds

-adding labels, texts, special effects

-color correction, white balance, saturation, sharpness, contrast adjustment

-light correction (lightning dark areas, shading too bright)

-rendering, sepia (giving shades to black and white photos)

-light correction of a mother and child images

-advertising effect for food and drinks, office equipment and accessories, cosmetics and products for hair, scientific equipment, wooden items, flowers, clothes, trade equipment, musical instruments, paints, glass and shiny surfaces, leather, metal, silk, etc

-processing with reflectors

-portrait lightning

-special processing of animal images

-size reduction without quality loss

-removal of date, useless objects, unnecessary details, unknown people in frame, "dust", scratches, stains, inscriptions and other defects

-complete or partial background change (blur, black and white, separation from the primary object, adding background in the form of exclusive interior, sea, beach, rich autumn, cold winter, warm summer, spring, in the form of sweets, flowers, abstract, fruits, jewelry, money, near a bus and many others)

-creating in the tale

-black and white photos

-coloring black and white photos

-retouching for advertisements (special effects)

-creating a collage, including weddings

-restoration of old photos with defects (faded, torn, wear-out effect, cracks, yellowish stains, etc.)

-antiquity effect

-contrast portrait effect




-adding frames

-creating the right photo perspective

-wedding photos processing

-photo processing for online dating sites, social networks

-removal of blinks and other defects of shooting

-Hollywood beauty effects

-glamour style processing

-making Your face more emotional

-wrinkle removal

-skin tone correction

-make-up (adding or correcting)

-shiny hair for promo posters

-skin flaws removal

-body correction (weight loss/increase, fat folds removal)

-changing facial features

-plastic surgery

-rejuvenation (5-30 years younger)

-red eyes effect removal

-removal of shine, moles, spots, pimples, wrinkles from a face

-elimination of flaws

-removal of sores, redness, shadows under the eyes

-softening skin tone

-changing color of eyes, hair

-teeth whitening

-radiant skin with a nice touch, expressive eyes, shiny lips

-tattoo removal

-double chin removal

-correction of lips shape and color

-adding radiance, brightness and expressiveness to eyes

-changing the shape of a face, nose, eyes

-portrait retouching

-correction of any deficiencies

  These are only the main categories of professional photo processing, so, if You have not found what You actually want, contact us directly by e-mail: info@s01.su and we will try to do something for You!

  If You would like to order photo montage, select suitable template on our website and take a photo of Yourself in the appropriate perspective to fit it (the same view, head tilt, etc.). Your face must be seen perfectly and look clear, not blurred, joyful, not tense. If You would like to change Your hair-cut by means of photomontage, You should remove Your hair from Your forehead or imitate a hair-cut model.

  As You may know, it is impossible to take an ideal shot, even if Your photographer is the best. That is why professional retouching is an important part of photo processing, even in a photo studio. All images that You can see in press, on the Internet and in advertising, are enhanced by means of professional photo processing.

  Very often, viewing photos after parties, weddings, birthdays, vacations, we realize that we look not like we expected (acne, wrinkles, red eyes, disheveled hair, poor lighting, dull background, etc). Masters in our studio will help You to edit Your photos and make them really beautiful, so that You can proudly show them to Your friends or colleagues, share in social networks. Also, quite often, we notice some shortcomings on photos, which are not seen in usual life: unwanted wrinkles, enlarged pores, glare, excess weight, bad angle, etc. We created this website to heil people get beautiful pictures of their life.

  Photo retouching allows to get rid of these defects and make photos more attractive, improve quality, increase intensity. After retouching, You will be looking on a photo like a person from a magazine cover (clean skin without flaws, smooth and healthy complexion, no wrinkles, corrected make-up).

  Professional retouching allows to improve poor quality photos and get a portrait of the dreams. After processing You will be the most beautiful, charming and sexy person. Using glamour retouching ordinary girls can really become super models. Color and light correction will turn dull, dark, bad photos into bright, crisp and juicy pictures.

  Nowadays, on the Internet You can get many things for free, including photo processing. But, along with this, people often request recovering of photos, corrupted by unqualified master. Unfortunately, it is not possible in some cases. Therefore, before order photo processing, You should decide for Youself – is it worth to pay more money for professional processing and get the desired result, or get processing for free and quickly, but with quality issues (dust photo, stuck pixels, border, etc.). Professional retouchers spend from several hours to several days to edit photos. With our master You can discuss any details and cancel or add some features. They always work with raw material and guarantee high quality of work. You should understand, that it is impossible to do this job at fantastically low price or for free.

  When it came to photo processing, it’s better to find “Your” master, which style You like most, and who will be able to edit photos exactly as You wish. Professional level is achieved only with years of experience and only skilled masters will help You to save time and get great results. A good quality photo has an expense, but it survives longer than some of our memories. No any online editing software is able to replace a professional retoucher. We advise You to pay attention to the quality of professional work instead of the cost of service. To make the decision, first of all, check portfolio of a master, and take a look at the size of processed images (should not be less than 20 Mb per image for printing). Choose carefully, if You don't want to sorry later about ruined photos and throw them away after all. Remember the saying: "miser pays twice".  

  Our mission is to make photo processing available for everyone and provide results which customers really want, rather than what can be done!

  If You have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely, Masters of Studio s01.su